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100 % USA soy wax | cotton wicks | clean ingredients

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Lighting Up Your World With Nature's Candles

Our candles are made the healthiest way - with 100% soy wax.

Naturally Simple

We want the very best for you and your home, which is why

we source our ingredients with purpose.

At Little Light Candle Co. we use 100% US grown soy wax, pure cotton wicks and the best, most clean fragrances in our candles. We will always be kind to animals, the environment and you!

“My husband walked into our kitchen where I was burning my new candle and said 'Wow! That's the first candle that hasn't irritated my allergies!' These are the only candles I can burn around him!"

Amy m.


Meredith p.

"Every time I light a candle from Little Light Candle Co. I am automatically put in a more productive mood. The refreshing, therapeutic scents make my day automatically better! They are also great because they are not harmful to me or my puppy and last a very long time - SUPER SAFE! I love these candles!!!"


"As a new dog mom I wanted to find a candle that wouldn't be harmful for my pup! These candles are not only safe but smell amazing."

lauren j.

"Hello fellow candle lovers! I, like many of you, enjoy the casual stroll down the Target candle aisle. Each trip, I would leave with a new candle. However, when my Friend, Krisann and her mom started their candle company I decided I would support them. I bought two Texas State candles (Eat 'Em Up!), one for me and one for my boss who is also a bobcat alum. I thought I was just being a good friend, but once I saw how great they were I started buying more and now I only purchase candles from here! They make excellent gifts, are great and non-toxic for your pets and last for a while! These candles also come in cute packaging, which is a bonus, but they are made with integrity and you truly get your money's worth! So buy a candle, and enjoy. :)"

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